Spot Remover

Spot Remover was developed with space age technology by cross linking incompatible chemicals and bonding these with unique wetting and emulsifying agents. Spot Remover will effectively treat and remove almost all common spills and stains. It will provide professional results against most food and beverage spills, blood, iodine, grease, tar, pet stains, & smoke. It also makes a great laundry spotter.

Directions For Use:
Always pretest for colorfastness and fiber distortion in an inconspicuous area.

  1. Apply solution liberally to spot.
  2. Agitate into spot and allow solution to dwell 3 to 5 minutes.
  3. Blot area with clean white absorbent towel.
  4. For best results rinse and extract with water.

Repeat treatment as necessary to remove the stain.

Spot Remover